Dıgıtal Marketıng

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Search Engine Advertising

Search ads are ads that appear on search engine results pages, often with the label sponsored links. It can be displayed at the top or bottom of the page. This advertising model works with the Pay per click system. In other words, the display of your ads does not cost you, you pay for the clicks on your ads.

Mail Marketing

Mail marketing is a way to reach consumers directly by e-mail. Despite being one of the oldest members of digital marketing, we can say that it is still one of the digital marketing channels with the highest conversion rates. Email campaigns are relatively cheaper than other channels in terms of interacting with your customers, making sales, and creating brand loyalty. It can also become a very efficient marketing tool for your business when used with the right strategies.

Content Marketing

In fact, we have tried to touch, reach and even attract the attention of our target audience by using all the digital marketing channels we have mentioned so far. However, even if we manage to reach every right target audience, it will not matter much if we cannot attract their attention and mobilize them. Creating a content marketing strategy is one of the indispensable points for brands at this point. At the end of the day, we encounter thousands of advertisements every day. By producing the right content marketing strategies, you can not only encounter advertisements, but also have the chance to take action according to your target audience's advertising goals.